Double Delight

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Photo of Rose Double Delight Double Delight suggests the question, "How poor a rose can I continue to love." Mine offered a total of nine flowers in its first three years, the one at the left being the best of them. In the subsequent four years it has offered none.

The flowers can be breathtakingly beautiful and the fragrance can be wonderful. I think perhaps their scarcity makes them all the more treasured. But if it did not take some amount of work to yank this plant out of my garden I think it would be long gone.

ARS members rate it 8.6. Mine is a 5.2. Perhaps I got a lemon.

Swim, USA 1977
Granada | Oklahoma | Silver Jubilee
Zone 6-9
Love | Maggie Barry
Hybrid Tea
Photo from Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Colonial Park Garden in NJ Jun 2000.
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