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Photo of Rose Dortmund Kordes spent decades trying to cross rosa wichuriana with rosa rugosa. The eventual result was rosa kordesii which has turned out to be a remarkably useful progenator. It seems to be able to project incredible vigor and disease resistance into roses many generations removed.

Dortmund is one of Kordes' early triumphs using r. kordesii. It produces large, single, red flowers with an attractive white eye. The flowers start off pure red and blue ever so slightly toward magenta as they age. It is said that in hot climates Dortmund will reach 16 to 20 ft or more. In cooler climates 8 or 12 seems more likely. It looks great trained on a pillar or low wall.

ARS members give it an enviable 9.2. I am told that in full bloom it can stop traffic.

Kordes, Germany 1955
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Scanner Image: Linotype Jade II
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2000
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