Dans de Feu

Remontant & Foliferous
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Photo of Rose Dans de Feu First we'll quibble about the color. The photograph makes it appear quite a bit warmer than it appears in real life. In fact, in real life it has no orange whatsoever. But in either case this happens to be a remarkably garden-friendly color. It works perfectly well with the pale pink of Eglantyne and the soft yellow of Graham Thomas.

The rose is rampant, it is completely trouble-free, and it's very foliferous. It's a little hard to figure out how to use it. I thought I saw it climbing a pergola at Roseraie de l'Hay, but none of the canes on mine reach seven feet in length. The canes are too fat to train on a pillar, but many are sessile, to begin with, so I pretend it's pegged and we're both happy.

Mallerin, France 1953
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City of York | Ghislaine de Feligonde
Large-Flowered Climber
Scanner Image: Linotype Jade II
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2001
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