Dainty Bess

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Photo of Rose Dainty Bess As a rule Hybrid Tea singles leave me cold. If I'm to have a single rose, I want a shrub covered with them. Singles, as a rule, are not interesting enough to be treasured individually as are high-centered buds of most hybrid teas.

Dainty Bess comes as close as any rose to cause me to make an exception: I fall completely for those reddish stamens. Jacqueline du Pre, Geisha, and Coral Meidiland have the same effect on me.

Evidently the effect is powerful on many: ARS members rate Dainty Bess 8.8. It is, evidently, stunning under ideal conditions; but it will not tolerate lesser ones.

Archer, UK 1826
Coral Meidiland | Geisha | Jacqueline duPre
Zone 5-9
Mrs Oakley Fisher | Golden Wings
Hybrid Tea
Photo from Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, Jun 2000.
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