Constance Spry

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Photo of Rose Albertine at Roseraie de l'Hay To create his line of 'English Roses' David Austin crossed gallica 'Belle Isis' with Floribunda 'Dainty Maid.' The result was this rose in candy pink. It's a common ancestor to all of the light colored 'English Roses.'

Constance Spry will make huge cupped flowers. They will be delicate and nicely fragrant. And an established plant can make hundreds in a season. The rose makes canes that can easily reach twelve or fifteen feet. When trained horizontally, laterals will sprout up every foot or so, and each will host a flower.

CS blooms once per season, and she can suffer much from mildew. Young canes are soft and very fragile. ARS members give an 8.2. If you need a big plant to create a romantic look for one or two weeks a year this is it.

Austin, UK 1959
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Scanner Image: Linotype Jade II
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2001
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