City of York

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Photo of Rose Chaplin's Pink Climber Its long, thorn-free, flexible canes make it a joy to train. And its glossy, disease-free foliage makes it a gem in the garden when it is not in bloom. When it does bloom, City of York is capable of covering a large pergola in white blossoms. The buds are a pale apricot or buff, and the flowers open to pure, soft white with attractive yellow stamens.

This is a second generation wichuriana climber, and it seems certain Tantau was hoping for a remontant climber. Alas, the glorious show - though long-lived - comes but once a year. The rest of the time the plant is bullet-proof, surviving without trace of disease in poor soil, drought, and light shade. ARS members rate it 8.6

Tantau, Germany 1945 New Dawn | Francoise Juranville | Blaze
Zone 4-9 Iceberg Cl. | White Dawn | Chaplin's Pink
Large Flowered Climber
Digital Camera: Fuji Finepix 2800
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, Jun 2003
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