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Photo of Rose Penelope

There are two large hybrid tea roses by this name, and they have very similar descriptions. Both get ratings of less than 6.0 from ARS members. Both have blossoms that are on the tan side of pale apricot. They are reminiscent of their namesake.

According to Botanica this rose grows vigorously, branches well, and is well covered with foliage. One wonders to what extent the poor ratings of (JACtan) are because of a mixup. And one wonders whether the rose is another of those that do great in California and Australia but nowhere else.

Warriner, US 1986
Zone 5-9
Hybrid Tea Climber
Digital Camera: Fuji Finepix 2800
Rose: Garden Valley Nursery, Jun 2003
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2003. All rights reserved.