Buff Beauty

Fragrant & Remontant
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Photo of Rose Buff Beauty At times they may appear buff, ivory, pale orange, or pale apricot, but the blossoms are always interesting and attractive. Buff Beauty produces an ample supply of them through the season, and will tolerate blistering heat, drought, and shade. New foliage can be purple or bronze toned, and this really sets off the spring flush.

ARS members rate Buff Beauty 8.2, and the RHS bestowed its award of garden merit. This is one of the great garden classics. Train it on a pillar or low wall. And if photos in Austin's books are any hint, it will get better and better every year for decades.

Pemberton, 1937
August Gervaise | Abraham Darby
Zone 6-9
Felicia | Lady Hillingdon | Phyllis Bide
Hybrid Musk
Scanner Image: Linotype Jade II
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 1999
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