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Photo of Rose Bonica Bonica earned its fame by being tough, shrubby, and highly remontant. This puts it far and away in front of 95% of roses for most garden applications. Where it falls down is in the beauty of individual blossoms, and in producing fragrance.

ARS members give it an 8.5. There is a newer 'improved' version with darker pink flowers rated 7.8. And not all the distributors are calling it 'Improved', so you may not know what you're getting unless the tag says MEIdomonac. Where this kind of plant is required in the landscape, it's worth the trouble to double-check

Meilland, France 1982
Royal Bonica | Ballerina | Sally Holmes
Zone 4-9
Felicia | Sarabande | Coral Meidiland
Modern Shrub
Photo from Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Colonial Park Garden in NJ Jun 2000.
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