Bishop Darlington

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Photo of Rose Bishop Darlington This is one of several itinerant hybrid musks in my own garden. It never wows, but it has survived three moves, drought, critters, and shade - putting it ahead of Cornelia and Nur Mahal. In three years it has produced a total of perhaps twelve nice, silky, single flowers three and a half inches across. Given ideal conditions it will do better. Yet I can never find the ideal site.

ARS members give it a 7.5. It's trouble-free with flowers that are single, large, silky textured, and fragrant. It's the only rose that comes to mind with this exact set of specifications so it has a unique place in many gardens.

Thomas, USA 1926
Ballerina | Sally Holmes
Zone 6-9
Bloomfield Dainty | Vanity
Hybrid Musk
Scanner Image - Linotype Jade II
Rose from SRB Garden 2000
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