Baronne Prevost

Fragrant & Remontant
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Photo of Rose Baronne Prevost When it is grown well Baronne Prevost produces fragrant 2-3 inch flowers in an old rose form. These can be heart-breakingly beautiful. Otherwise, it can fall prey to fungal diseases and its flowers ball in wet weather. If not pegged it can get lean and lanky. And if not adequately fertilized its yellowed foliage will clash mightily with its flowers.

ARS members give it an enviable 8.7 rating and the RHS gave it an award for garden merit.

I have done everything in my imagination to make my own specimen please, and have failed seven seasons in a row. The pictured rose is the only one this plant has ever created in seven years.

Desprez, France 1847
Mrs John Laing | Reine Victoria
Zone 4-9
Reine des Violettes | Mme Isaac Perreire
Hybrid Perpetual
Scanner Image - Linotype Jade II
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2000
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