Blanc Double de Coubert

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Photo of Rose Baronne Prevost Experts equivocate over Cochet's claim that Sombreil is part of this rose's genetic makeup; the rose behaves as if it were simply a sport of R. rugosa alba - the other claimed parent.

It is as vigorous, fragrant, and disease-free as its parent(s). In fact it shares all rugosa albas qualities, except it bears about half the number of flowers. It is not quite so well foliaged as the albas and may look best with other plants growing up through it. It looks dashing growing next to purple rugosas such as Dart's Dash.

ARS members give it an 8.3. It is an excellent choice in a garden where there is ample water. It tolerates limited sunlight.

Cochet, France, 1891
R. rugosa alba | Sombreuil | Fimbriata
Zone 3-8
Conrad F. Meyer | Sally Holmes
Hybrid Rugosa
Scanner Image - Linotype Jade II
Rose from SRB Garden 2001
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