August Gervaise

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Photo of RoseAugust Gervaise Backlit, the weeping standard August Gervaise glows in Roseraie de l'Hay. It's one of many wichuriana ramblers bred by Barbier and featured in that garden.

It's not immune to fungal disease, particularly mildew, but it is vigorous. Given good air circulation, ample water and light, it can thrive and wow.

Wichuriana ramblers fell out of circulation with the demise of Dorothy Perkins. Today's Super Dorothy promises an age of remontant wichuriana ramblers with better disease resistance. We eagerly await Super August.

Barbier, France 1918 Henry Kelsey | New Dawn | Dans de Feu
Zone 4-9 Paul's Scarlet Cl. | Chaplin's Pink Cl.
Wichuriana Rambler
Photo: Fuji Astia slide, print, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Roseraie de l'Hay in Paris, May 1999
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